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Weather in Haridwar

Location: Uttarakhand State, India. (29.9457° N, 78.1642° E)

Altitude: 315 meters / 1033 feet (above sea-level)

Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year

Average Temperature:
Summer: Afternoons are hot while night time will be little cool than afternoon. Day time can be 30 celcious to 42 celcious while nights time can be 25 to 32 celcious.
Winter: Afternoons are warm while nights can be chilling cold. Day time can be 15 celcious to 25 celcious while nights can be 5 celcious to 12 celcious.
Monsoon: Most of the time sun is not visible due to clouds. Showers are common july and august (average 20 days rain in a month). Day time temperature can be 25 to 35 celcious while night time can be 20 to 32 celcious.

Annual Weather: Top is monthly average temperature in last 15 years while lower one is average rainfall month wise in last 15 years.