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Beatles Ashram Rishikesh

beatles ashram rishikesh

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram is now more famous as Beatles Ashram. The Beatles were famous English rock band in 1960s. Beatles visited this ashram in February 1968. Ashram is 500 meters far from Car parking in Swargashram, 800 meter from Parmarth Niketan Ashram and 2 kms far from Ram Jhula parking. The visit of the Beatles was very important incident in development of Rishikesh as yoga capitol of the world. Due to this visit of the Beatles Rishikesh was in news on international level and got the image of Yoga Meditation Destination. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr &  George Harrison – popularly known as The Bealtes  stayed here to learn Transcendental Meditation from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. They also written 40+ songs here. They came with their girlfriends and wives for 3 month long course on Transcendental Meditation. However most of them just returned within two weeks. Ringo Starr left after 10 days. McCartney left after 1 month. Lennon and Harrison spent six week in the ashram.

The Ashram is now part of the Rajaji National Park. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi obtained 15 acres of land on lease for 20 years. The ashram was still running until 2000 even after the expiry of lease. In 2003 it was officially closed after the supreme court order. There were more than 80 cottage type rooms. Currently nobody is living in the ashram apart from few forest guards. It is now part of Rajaji National Park. Trees and plants are grown all over. Many buildings are damaged. Inner walls are covered with graffiti created by some good artist as well as backpackers and some beatles fans. Floors are covered by dust and leaves. Doors and windows are broken.  Ashram opened officially for tourist on 8 dec 2015. There is no arrangement for food or stay in the ashram. In 2018 ashram was renovated due to 50 yrs of beatles visit here. There is now small picture gallery with approx 25 photographs of beatles during there visit to here. Another room have some details about Maharishi and transcendental meditation. The third room has wild life photographs from Rajaji National Park. Currently small restaurant is also opened in the same building as this picture gallery.

How to Reach: Beatles Ashram is located in Swargashram area near Ved Niketan Dham. It is 500 meter drive from Swargashram Car Parking and 2 kms walk from Ram Jhula Parking. From Parmarth Niketan Ashram it is 800 meters walk. From Parmarth Niketan you need to walk towards Vanprasth Ashram/Ved Niketan Dham. At the end of the street you will see River Ganga on the right side and on the left you will see small way towards forest. Road is unpaved and does not look like a road as in monsoon water comes to river Ganga this ways from the mountains. So it damage the whole way each year. Just a few meters walk and you will see gate (above picture) of the ashram on your right. If you want to reach by car than you need to reach Swargashram area from the rajaji national park. Entry after sunset is limited due to forest.

Entry Fees: INR 600 per person for foreign tourist & INR 150 for domestic tourist from India. This is national park entry fees as its officially part of the park. No extra charge for camera inside. For professional shootings you might need permission.

Timings: Entry from 9am to 4 am. All the tourist must come out before sunset.

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